Ezra J. Leboff Co.,Inc.

Sunday, August 07, 2022.

Company History


Started by businessman Ezra J. Leboff, the company found its roots in the engraving business supplying nameplates and directories for local businesses and institutions. Known for his commitment to his customers, Mr. Leboffs' goal was to provide products and services of the highest quality standards. The quality of Ezra J. Leboff Co. workmanship had become a recognized commodity


Technology companies began to emerge in Massachusetts along "Research Row", the Memorial Drive area of Cambridge. LEBOFF was there, continuing to provide its customers with an expanded product line. Meeting the needs of the day, the services provided had grown to include engraved dials and components and sub-assemblies manufactured from the cutting edge materials known as plastics. A family of materials known then only to high tech businesses and research houses.

These research companies, as well as the space program, medical companies, and defense industry, had new expectations of quality, reliability, and service. Recognizing the changing requirements of industry, LEBOFF acquired and developed the skills and labor needed to provide for new as well as existing customers.


Ownership reached its second phase as longtime employee Alfred Santosuosso, who was regarded by Mr. Leboff as his key successor, resolved to take the company into the twenty-first century. His vision for the future directed LEBOFF to the use of electronically controlled machinery as a manufacturing tool. The newer computer technologies were incorporated into the organization, and higher quality products were being produced at greater volume.


The son owner Alfred Santosuosso, Andrew, began his career at LEBOFF in 1982. Since then, his manufacturing and service expertise at LEBOFF continued to develop over 25 years through hands-on experience in all aspects of the operation.


Continuous integration of the long-standing commitment to quality, with industry leading technology and workmanship, has made possible a third generation of leadership. Early in 2004, the company completed a progression of management and ownership involving current owner, Andrew Santosuosso.


Building on the experience of 50 plus years of quality and service excellence, Andrew has adapted the business philosophy to address the present needs of clients and retain the standards of his predecessors. His plans include the continued improvement of quality and service that is at the center of all LEBOFF operations.

This commitment continues with industry leading service practices and the application of internationally recognized quality programs, both of which, will remain focal points of the LEBOFF business plan for the 21st century.